I sent a snapshot of my iTunes playlist to a listener that was driving and couldn’t write down the artists.  Might as well share it here, with you.  Enjoy!

Music as Medicine Playlist 9-3-12 (not necessarily in this order)



Piers Faccini has a new album release…My Wilderness.  It’s weaving its way into my life soundtrack right now with welcomed love.

Here’s a raw version of one of the album’s tracks, Tribe.  Mahalo to Le Cargo for a great video.

If you don’t already know Piers, I am so very pleased to introduce you to his music.

Being that I never did get around to posting the playlist from the Music as Medicine show from September 5, here’s a double dose:  the 9/5 show and today’s sonic elixir.

Judging by the selections, looks like Madlib, Julian Velard, Ane Brun and One Self are getting regular spins on life’s soundtrack.  Today, I was definitely feeling Aretha and all week I couldn’t get that Dave Matthews tune (“Stay or Leave”) out of my mind – “swims at midnight shiver cold touch the bottom you and I with muddy toes…”

Got a call today on the Kalai track “The Honeymoon Uh Huh”.  I’m still waiting to hear some more from this great musician.  Until then, check him out if you haven’t.  The album this song came from – 6 Strings and the Rainy Day Man – is a solid start.

Here’s your dose.  Enjoy!

Playlist September 5, 2011

Playlist September 5, 2011

Novalima – Se Me Van
Radio Utopia w/ Bajka – Get Up Stand Up
Finley Quaye – Burning
Asa – Ok Ok
One Self – Cupid Smiling the Smile
Zee Avi – Siboh Kitak Nangis
Plants & Animals – Good Friend
Sean Hayes – One Day the River
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Punjabi Lullaby
Citizen Cope – I Couldn’t Explain Why
Julian Velard – Another Guy’s Song
Madlib – Mystic Bounce
Lynx – Day Out of Time
Bon Iver – Minnesota, WI
Susheela Raman – Bolo Bolo
Tedeschi Trucks Band – These Walls
Kabanjak – I Don’t Wanna Go to Work
Ratatat – Grape Juice City
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johanson – Relator
Slightly Stoopid – Above the Clouds
Andrew Bird – Imotosis (Four Tet Remix)
Ane Brun – Treehouse Song
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Her Hollow Ways
John Mayer – Assassin
JJ Cale – Dr. Jive
Bambu Station – Brotherhood
Feist – My Moon, My Man
Local Natives – Wide Eyes
The New Mastersounds – Wittness (Smoove Remix)
Piers Faccini – Who Loves the Shade

Playlist September 19, 2011

Mark Farina – Schools in the Trade – People Under the Stairs
Ohmega Watts – Stay Tuned (feat Sojourn)
Sia – Destiny (live)
Asa – Dreamer Girl
One Self – Bluebird
Oumou Sangare – Iyo Djeli
Shivaree – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
Slightly Stoopid – London Dub
Sean Hayes – Calling All Cars
Neko Case – I’m An Animal
Vetiver – More of This (Neighbors RMX)
Youssapha Sidibe – Aja Dji Bodian
Bon Iver – Wash.
Lynx (feat Krystn Pixton) – Burning Bone
Scott Matthews – Myself Again
Makana – Dragon Throws Out a Pearl
Protassov – Let’s Make Friends
Ane Brun – What I Want
Aretha Franklin – Rock Steady
Madlib – Funky Blue Note
Julian Velard – Forever
Charlene Soraia – Daffodils (live)
Eels – The Look You Give that Guy
Goldfish – Highfalutin
DJ Vadim (feat Emo & Syrus) – Feat Feats
Kalai – The Honeymoon Uh Huh
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Stay or Leave (live)
Mason Jennings – In Your City
Jack Johnson – The Upsetter

Though I don’t usually prep much for the program, today’s dose of Music as Medicine did involve a bit of music library perusal. Looking through my iTunes list of top rated songs (understanding that there are still hundreds of songs unaccounted for) I began to create a little ‘must have’ group of tunes that I would love to include on any mix.

These aren’t necessarily the classics – no Zepplin, Hendrix, Joni, or JJ Cale are included. But these are gems that I’ve discovered over the years and love to share.

So the sonic elixir today involved some of my most stellar favorites all in one two-hour musical dose. Enjoy!




Tommy Guerrero – 1966
Josh Garrels – Jacaranda Tree
Jason Collett – Charlyn, Angel of Kensington
Finley Quaye – Even After All
Neko Case – Magpie to the Morning
Andrew Bird – Two Way Action
Cat Power – Could We
Van Morrison – Sweet Thing
Mark Farina – Call Spaces
Fink – All Cried Out
Susheela Raman – Light Years
David Gray with Jolie Holland – Kathleen
Patty Griffin – Mad Mission
Sean Hayes – 33 Fool
Galactic – Church
Land of Talk – Hamburg, Noon
Anais Mitchell with Justin Vernon – Epic (Part II)
Feist – So Sorry
Scott Matthews – The Wasp and the Jar
John Mayer – Vultures
Bon Iver – Re: Stacks
Kabanjak – Evaflow
Morphine – You Look Like Rain
Mason Jennings – The Light (Part II)
Jose Gonzalez – Hand on Your Heart
Piers Faccini – My Burden is Light
Ane Brun – Wooden Body
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Bathtub Dub

Sometimes a song is like a breath of fresh air.

I started this morning before sunrise, listening to Eddie Vedder sing in my headphones the classic words “you know love is better than a song”.

Today, sharing Music as Medicine in the KKCR studios, the vibe was high and I was feeling the love – all fueled by the power of music.  A sonic elixir, to be sure!

Big responses from listeners on the latest collaboration from Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks (who, by the way, played at the Taro Patch, right here on Kauai, many years ago).  Their release, “Revelator”, comes to us via the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  Good stuff!

Speaking of revelations, it was Gillian Welch‘s incredible “Time (the Revelator)” that burst open my world to her amazing sound.  She (along with her long-time collaborator, Dave Rawlings) has released a new album The Harrow and the HarvestDefinitely worth an afternoon with nothing to do but sit in a breeze, listen and feel.

Inspired by my pre-sunrise serenade from Eddie Vedder, I ended today’s dose with his cover of “Don’t Be Shy.”

Maybe Cat Stevens was right.  Maybe love is even better than a song.  But sometimes – I gotta say – a song just feels like love.

Here’s today’s feeling-the-good-love playlist.  Enjoy!


DJ Vadim – Saskatoon
Braddigan – Walk On
Frazey Ford – Blue Streak Mama
The Bird and the Bee – I Can’t Go For That
Taken by Trees – My Boys
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Theme of Rome
Pearl Jam – Face of Love
Aurelio – Laru Beya
Ben Harper – Get It Like You Like It
Bonnie Riatt – Finest Lovin Man
Jason Collett – Sorry Lou
Thao & Mirah – Spaced Out Orbit
Kabanjak w/ Azeem – Rhythm
Scott Matthews – Myself Again
Bonobo – Noctuary (live)
Galactic – As Big As Your Face
Tedeschi Trucks Band – These Walls
James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning I’ll Come Calling
Jolie Holland and the Grand Chandeliers – Little Birds
Bahamas – Lonely Loves
Ben Taylor – Given to Us
Piers Faccini – My Burden Is Light
Scott Matthews – Eyes Wider Than Before
Charlene Soraia – Wishing (You) Well (live)
Fruit Bats – Tangie & Ray
Donavon Frankereiter – Glow
The Head & the Heart – Sounds like Hallelujah
Gillian Welch – The Way It Will Be
Alexi Murdoch – Towards the Sun
Kabanjak – Don’t Want to Work Today
Eddie Vedder – Don’t Be Shy

Still touched by Saturday night’s show with Citizen Cope, I came to the airwaves with Music as Medicine, ever-in-awe of the power of music.

Torn between two blogs, this one here and my other writing project, For the Archives, my summary of the Cope show ended up on the Archives instead of here.  One day I will merge my two worlds into one big expansive cyber-realm of music, poetry, photography and art.  Until then, here’s a link to the Archives, where I offer impressions on the strong and gentle presence of Clarence Greenwater (aka Citizen Cope).

This week’s sonic elixir featured a lot of new music and a few tracks that I was able to attain as free downloads online.  These are musical gems and I want to share the wealth.

Hot Tip #1.  If you want to browse free downloads, one great resource is Free MP3 via the Paste Magazine website.  It features some of the latest releases available with summaries on the artists and their upcoming albums.

Hot Tip #2.  Spend time perusing the huge resource of free downloads from Pamplemoose, online project of Dave Allen (founding member of Gang of Four) and Josh Kneedler.  With a great taste in music and all tracks ordered alphabetically, it’s an audiophile’s dream.

Certainly, I’m in favor of supporting musicians by purchasing their music.  All links below are legal downloads, often promoted by the artists, themselves.  My intent is to further the reach of a great song, maybe introduce you to a new sound.  If you like it, play it for a friend.  Buy the album.

Specific to the playlist from this week’s radio program, click the songs below and they’ll link you to the place where you can download them for yourself.  Music rocks.  Share the love.

Bon Iver, Bon Iver

Vetiver – Wonder Why

Bon Iver – Calgary

Matt Bauer & Jolie Holland – Blacklight Horses

Tosca – Chocolate Elvis

Playlist for Monday, June 13, 2011 – Music as Medicine on Kauai Community Radio

Kabanjak – The Man Who Spoke Flames
Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi (w/ Norah Jones) – Season’s Trees
Thao & Mirah – Little Cup
Frazey Ford – Like You Better
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Boondigga
Steel Pulse – Roller Skates (Dub)
Nneka – The Uncomfortable Truth
C Powers – French Alex
Chilly Gonzales – Never Stop
Feist – So Sorry
Kings of Leon – The Immortals
Vetiver – Wonder Why
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Rich Woman (live)
Bon Iver – Calgary
Paul Simon – Rewrite
DJ Krush – Ryu-Ki
Sun Kil Moon – Third & Seneca
Trevor Hall – Origami Crane
Matt Bauer & Jolie Holland – Blacklight Horses
Citizen Cope – Lifeline
Willy Mason – All You Can Do
Tosca – Chocolate Elvis
Beastie Boys (with Santigold) – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win
Lynx (with Kyrstyn Pixton) – Burning Bone
Bahamas – For Good Reason
Nostalgia 77 – Freedom (Zombie Dance Mix)
James Vincent McMorrow – Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low

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